• December

    If we look at what is happening in nature at this time of year, animals are hibernating, plants are resting, and birds are feeding to keep warm. For those of us.... View Post
  • November

    Autumn colours seem to have suddenly appeared as trees turn to brilliant yellows, oranges, reds and browns.  Just as we might be feeling a bit ‘low’, knowing that Summer has passed, along come the warming colours of nature.  Colour changes our mood so quickly, if we let it.  We based our Innersc... View Post
  • October

    The garden, in October, is a bit like the aftermath of a party.  Everywhere you look there are things to ‘tidy up’.  It is the end of the summer party and one of the most difficult adjustments in our year.  Difficult because we want to keep the party going, the exuberance, the colour, the ease ... View Post