As summer approaches, and we have more daylight hours, it can help to look at how we use our time.

Time is a big issue for many working people. How to fit in all the things that need to be done, working,looking after our homes, families, ourselves…………… A useful way to see how we can manage our time more effectively, is to draw up a simple ‘pie’ chart. This is simply a large circle on a sheet of paper, or on computer if you prefer. List near the circle the areas of your life that you consider most important, for example: Friends, Family, Work, Exercise, Particular hobby or interest, Relationship, Spiritual practice, Relaxation etc…………..

Think about how much of your life is focussed into each area and divide the circle, or pie, into segments representing these areas. It will show up very clearly where you aren’t spending enough time, or obviously where you’re spending far too much. It gives an overview that we haven’t always got, if we don’t ‘step back’ sometimes and assess our life balance.

Once you’ve done this, look at where you’d like to make some changes and draw up an ‘ideal pie’. To take this another step, go to our Choose Your Blend page and see which blend you are intuitively attracted to. The keyword of the blend can help your focus to change and bring balance. This month we are giving free sample blends, in gel form for bath and shower, as our June special offer. A good time to try them. Mention which blend you would like to sample in the Comments box when ordering and we will send this to you in the form of an aromatherapy bath and shower gel.