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Choose Your Blend

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Innerscents strives for the connecting of Body, Mind and Spirit within ourselves. As fully qualified, practicing aromatherapists, we have devised eight essential oil blends for you to enjoy. All Innerscents blends are based on a colour theme relating to powerful energy centres (known as chakra centres in eastern practices), within each of us. Using the chart, allow your attraction to a colour, or if you prefer, one of the keywords (eg Understanding), to guide you to the scent that you think will be most helpful to you at this time, or for someone close to you.  The key to each of our essential oil blends is shown below the chart. Each Chakra blend is available as a Body/massage oil, Bath & shower gel, rich Body cream or pulsepoint cream.


Aromatherapy Blends

‘Inspirational Citrus’

Neroli said to represent sun energy, works to quell anxiety and is helpful in cases of panic or shock. Mandarin is a gentle tonic used in pregnancy and for children, while grapefruit has a cleansing and euphoric effect. This chakra centre is held to be the centre of the Higher Self. The blend works to uplift and releases stress. 


‘Woody and Mysterious’

To quieten the thinking analytical mind and open our understanding. The purple amethyst of Lavender and Violet Leaf shine through this truly evocative blend. Helps ease confusion, dispels apathy, unifying and enlightening.


Imagination and perception
‘Rich and Dark’

Dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, Frankincense, Rose and Sandalwood have been used for skincare and spiritual/religious practice. A blend to balance and refresh our minds, help sleep and ease away nightmares. This nourishing and luxurious facial oil can also be used for body massage. 


‘Soothing and Floral’

Chamomile, a slightly blue coloured essential oil, is used to soothe both inflamed physical conditions and emotional ones such as anger and frustration. The synergistic actions of Geranium and Lavender produce a very balancing, revitalising effect on mind and body. Harmonising and soothing, a useful blend for jet lag. Helps self-expressionion, stiff necks, sore throats. 


“Warm and Sweet’

Strengthens the emotions, eases loneliness while fortifying the physical heart, chest, upper back and circulation. Rose Absolute and Melissa are traditionally used to help in times of grief or loss. Marjoram is used to warm both body and mind. 


Power and Energy
“Hot and Vibrant”

This blend helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, thereby boosting our immune systems. Juniper has a long history as a cleansing/detoxifying plant, rosemary is a stimulant and tonic. Invigorating and revitalising blend strengthens purpose, will and vitality. 


Creativity and Sexuality
“Sensual, Warm and Exotic”

Ylang Ylang is a rich perfume oil from flowers of a Javanese tree. It is an aphrodisiac and can ‘unlock’ our sensual nature. Relaxing, balancing and sensual, the blend helps to channel creativity and sexual energy. 


‘Smokey and earthy’

Vetivert, known as the ‘oil of tranquillity’ is used to deepen relaxation and connect us to the earth. Myrrh, Himalayan Cedarwood and Ho Wood are strengthening oils from trees, helping to dispel fear and encouraging us to ‘be still’.