"I have sometimes had trouble in getting to sleep due to heavy travelling and a stressful job.  I tried your products and I have to say that they worked well.  I’m using them regularly now and I sleep better." Giovanni, Italy

"Thank you so much.  Your products are amazing and I became hooked – courtesy of Firmdale Hotels! Best", Zenon, USA

"Great product - loved it at numerous stays at the Soho Hotel in London. Now I'm buying it because I've decided I can't live without it!", Liam, UK

"Please include a relaxing pulsepoint as my order is over £30.00. Two Summers ago, I stayed in a darling hotel in Paris and loved the pillow spray. I am thrilled to find your website and am looking forward to enjoy more of your products. Thank you", Julie, California

"We found this in our room years ago at the Charlotte Street Hotel and have been buying it ever since. I always buy in quantity so to never be without and also for unusual last minute gifts. Just last night my husband said , "I'm out of pillow spray" and I was able to pull one out of the closet. The current spray bottle is much more efficient than the original, none of the precious liquid inside goes wasted now."    Elizabeth, Italy

"As per the previous reviewer, we too were given this at the Covent Garden Hotel.  Can only agree totally it is very effective and I have now purchased some to use at home". Karen, UK

"A Mr Smith Hotel in France had this in the rooms. We loved it so much and were very relieved to find it on a uk website. My boyfriend goes thru it faster than I! and every time he finishes it he asks me to buy more. I am giving him one for Valentine Day!".  Rebecca, UK

"Wonderful news Sue!  My sister adores your products and she will be so excited to receive these gifts.Thanks ever so much!". Sara, US

"My son stays at No.16 hotel in London frequently, and passed on to me a roll-on RELAX massage cream for putting on forehead, behind ears etc. As a bad sleeper I have found it quite helpful and whilst staying at No.16 ourselves this week asked them about this product and they told me they do not have it any more. Have you stopped making this product? I have the pillow spray but do not find that as effectual. This could be old stock my son has had a while so it is possible that it has been discontinued".  Brenda, UK

"Dear Sue, Just to let you know that your special action worked! The package arrived on Saturday, well in time. Thank you so much. And I love your products. I almost can't go to sleep now without the lavender pillow spray! And it makes the perfect gift. All best."  Anya

"We used your company's product at Charlotte Street Hotel in London and would very much like to buy some at home. However, we live in Hong Kong, do you deliver overseas? Cheers!", David

"Hello!  My name is Ingibjörg and I´m writing from Icleand. I´m going to Glasgow this month and I was wondering if I could find a Innerscents store there. I really need the Sleep well spray. I got a sample of this in Paris two years ago and I love it!  Please write me soon so I can buy more of your products in Skotland. Best regards".  Ingibjörg, Iceland

"Do u guys carry your products anywhere in California? I live in Orange County. I would like to test out your fragrances! Thank u!  I only know of 2 scents when I stayed at the SOHO hotel and I luv them.  How much is shipping to US?" Jennifer, California

"I became addicted to your pillow spray while living in Europe. I am back in the US now--is there any US store that carries your products, or any US site I can order it from? (to save shipping from the UK?) Thank you!", Lisa, USA

"Hi, I live in the US and want to order some pillow spray. I love it. Where can I buy this? Thanks", Stephanie USA

"Hello, I love the energing and relaxing shower gels they have at the Soho Hotel in London. Can you tell me which blends they are and if I can purchase them through your website? Thank you." Libby, UK

"Was interested to read the previous review on this product, we too stayed at the Soho last week and were given a sample that we took home and the children and I love it! So have come online in the hope that I could order some, long may my family have restful sleep!"  Emma, UK

"I stayed at the Soho Hotel and I really love your stuff!" Allen, Sweden

"Thanks for your note, We can't keep away from your lovely products and a number are going as gifts this time: Sleepwell pillow spray to Switzerland" Elizabeth, Italy

"Hello, I rec'd my order today and I just want to thank you! I love the sprays, they are wonderful and remind me of my last trip to London and the cute little hotel I stayed in. Thank you again!" Nicole, USA

"Thanks for your prompt reply. When I got home last night, the package was there and I am so pleased to get these wonderful oils. Best" Darlene, USA

"I first came across this at the Charlotte Street hotel. Its beautiful and really does helps send one off in to a deep sleep. I always make sure i take it with me when i travel. Thank you" Anna, UK

"After spending our wedding anniversary at the Charlotte Street Hotel, I was really excited to have a small ˜pillow spray"™ left on my pillow. I would love to buy some as it is a gorgeous smell and great for sleeping." Emma, London

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"I stayed at Number 16 Hotel in London, which had your pillowspray. I absolutely love it! I'm wondering if I can purchase a large size?" Kristina, New York

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