As we enter the month of May this year, we still have to 'brave the cold winds' here in the Northern hemisphere, while having glimpses of summer warmth and sunshine.  With the UK and French elections looming, we need to be ready for anything, rain or shine, left or's a time of change and uncertainty.  The following simple meditation/relaxation is designed to help with calming mind and body. You might like to make a recording of this that you can play and listen to when going to bed.Lie flat on your back on a bed or on the floor and take some deep breaths (in and out through your nose). Each time you breathe out, feel your whole body sinking into the mattress. Let the sound of the out breath release, exaggerating it slightly, to really get a sense of letting go, as you breathe out. Let go of tension held in the body with the out breath. Let go of any pain or discomfort with the out breath. Release and Let go. Don’t worry about your in breath, you will naturally take in breath. It’s holding the breath that causes tension in the mind and body, releasing the breath and with it, releasing anything you want to let go of, creates a calm, relaxed state.

If thoughts come into your mind, gently let them float away and release with the out breath. There is nothing to think about right now just notice sensations rather than thoughts.

If your thoughts are tugging your attention, count your breaths. Breathe in for 3 counts, stop and rest for 2 counts then breathe out for 6 counts. Stop and rest for 2 counts before breathing in again for 3 counts, resting for 2, and so on until you feel deeply relaxed. Then just return to your usual breathing rhythm or drift off to sleep.

You might like to try our ‘Sleepwell’ pillowspray and Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gel too, if you are having problems sleeping.

Sweet Dreams.