• September

    September Visualisation for relaxation and rebalance....... Connecting with the natural world isn’t always easy if we live in the city, but the wonderful aromas of essential oils, produced with seeds, sun, air, earth and water, bring vitality and balance into our minds and bodies at any time.  T... View Post
  • August

    August is a month to relax down, enjoy the summer and perhaps ‘take stock’ – a little like the build up to a new year. We can use this time to reflect and unwind, letting our dreams and imaginings rise to the surface. While lying on the beach, on the grass, or simply relaxing at home, take a few... View Post
  • July

    PROBLEMS WITH INSOMNIA?  Take part in an online study at: ..  Professor Adrian Owen of the Brain and Mind Institute and his team are researching how lack of sleep impacts on our cognitive capabilities. Summer blends from Innerscents include ‘Com... View Post