August is a month to relax down, enjoy the summer and perhaps ‘take stock’ – a little like the build up to a new year.

We can use this time to reflect and unwind, letting our dreams and imaginings rise to the surface.

While lying on the beach, on the grass, or simply relaxing at home, take a few minutes to listen to these dreams and hopes:

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and as you breathe out, smile and RELAX.  Let go of any tension, pain or discomfort held in your mind or body.  Breathe them away, let them go with the out breath.

Now gently let your attention rest on your normal breathing rhythm, being aware of the rise and fall of your breath.  Sense your surroundings but focus inwards around your heart centre.  Visualise the light of the sun in your chest, you can imagine a glowing light here, right inside you.  Let the warmth and light fill your body. 

Allow this light inside to reveal a hope or dream to you.  An image, feeling, or sound may come to you, just let them be.  Breathe normally and enjoy the warm sensation.  Take as long as you need. RELAX.

When you have finished, slowly bring your attention back to your breathing and gently open your eyes.

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