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Earth, Colour, Energy. We offer aromatherapy products of beauty and quality while always respecting the earth
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Discover with Innerscents what colour you are

Innerscents strives for the connecting of Body, Mind and Spirit within ourselves. Discovering your own special scent can provide this link. As fully qualified, practicing aromatherapists, we have devised eight essential oil blends for you to enjoy. All Innerscents blends are based on a colour theme relating to powerful energy centres (known as chakra centres in eastern practices), within each of us. Using the chart below, allow your attraction to a colour, or if you prefer, one of the eight blends keywords (eg Understanding), to guide you to the scent that you think will be most helpful. By passing your cursor over the coloured symbols on the figure below you can find out more about the ingredients and benefits of each of our essential oil blends. Each Chakra blend is available as a Body/massage oil, Bath & shower gel, Organics body or pulsepoint creams.