The Innerscents of Christmas Past

When a new business connection suggested I start an Innerscents Aromatherapy blog, I was pretty dubious about it.  When I rummaged around our ‘archives’ and found the beautiful blogs of my amazing predecessor, Sue Whall, aromatherapy genius and founder partner of Innerscents Aromatherapy, I was positively terrified, and began desperately thinking up excuses to get out of this blog business. But then I did a little research and came across a “blogging expert” who suggested "Be who you are and communicate in your real life natural voice". This roughly reflected my own feelings on how we should be, and reminded me that while I can't be Sue; writing blogs and newsletters that possess the power to guide and transport you to soothing places from whence you return feeling serene and loved... I can be me, sincerely wishing to provide others with tools that can comfort and soothe at difficult times, and introducing others to the Tao of Sue! (She would never call it that!). So, click here for Sue’s 2015 blog with a guided meditation November which begins by announcing the launch of our new pillow spray for Christmas!  Perhaps I will feature a Sleep Well Pillow Spray Giveaway as this months offer, to celebrate the recovery of Sue’s past works… but I digress.


As well as introducing others to the gorgeous blends Sue created, I will regularly feature links to Sue’s past blogs and newsletters, because, as well as being delightful company to have in one’s day, Sue encourages us to reflect on pleasing things outside ourselves and often provides lovely, effective visualisations and guided meditations, brief yet stirring, which, used regularly, can help remap long established negative thinking patterns (as I discovered at a fascinating course run by mindbodyrecovery last summer). Sue also explains the links between colour, scent and wellbeing which inspired her wonderful blends and products. The more we know about this, the more confidence we can have in the ability of her lovingly created blend recipes, whether in bath or massage oil, pillow spray, kits or candles, to help us find the comfort, energy, or inspiration we need. 

Since taking over Innerscents this year and rummaging through those archives as frequently as possible, I discovered some of Sue’s amazing blends aren’t even in our shop yet, or are only available within the Essential Kits (Desire Massage Oil only in the Romance Kit; Communicate Shower Gel too)… I plan to make them all available individually and in 100ml sizes, and I am also offering our customers the option of designing their own Essential Kits… adding all this to our website and shops may, realistically, take a little while, but, in the meantime, if anyone would like to design their own kit or order, for example, a Restore Mouthwash in 100ml (very popular at the moment!) rather than 30ml, please email me: with your request, and the shop and website can catch up later!  Our skin loving, delightfully aromatic and environmentally friendly, foam-free shower & bath gels and super-sensuous massage and bath oils are far too fabulous to be stuck in 30ml bottles in our Essential Kits, no matter how fun and wonderful those kits are!      


Siân MacLeod, November 2019