Autumn colours seem to have suddenly appeared as trees turn to brilliant yellows, oranges, reds and browns.  Just as we might be feeling a bit ‘low’, knowing that Summer has passed, along come the warming colours of nature.  Colour changes our mood so quickly, if we let it. 

We based our Innerscents range on colour and strongly believe in the healing powers of colour.  Linked with aroma, colour can evoke feelings of calm, energy, reflection.  It depends on how you are feeling at the time.  Here is a simple visualisation/meditation, to discover your own links with colour and aroma.

Make yourself comfortable, either lie down on the floor, or bed, or sit with your spine well supported.  Close your eyes.  Take some deep breaths and as you breathe out, allow your whole body to sink into the floor, bed, chair... Notice how your body feels as you breathe out.  A feeling of letting go of stress, release, acceptance… As you breathe out, release any tension, pain or discomfort held in your body and mind, just let these go with your out breath.  No struggle, ease, acceptance.  Then breathe naturally.

Now listen to the sounds around you.  Don’t judge or name, just try to be aware of them without ‘engaging’ with them.

Then turn to you, the inner you.  How do the soles of your feet feel? Your ankles, calf muscles, pelvic area, lower back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms, neck, face and head.  Gently work your way up your body, sensing and ‘listening’.

In your ‘mind’s eye’, imagine taking a large crayon, paint brush or chalk, choose the colour that comes to mind and draw or paint around your body, around 20cms away from your body.  Start at your feet, work up around the body and finish above your head.  Notice how this colour feels, how it makes you feel.  Breathe it in and stay with this image for as long as you need to.

Once you are ready, gently stretch out your arms and legs, make a yawning gesture with your face, then turn gently onto one side (if you are lying down) before easing yourself up with your hands.  Open your eyes and enjoy your day.