• Courage Pulse Point Cream
  • Courage Pulse Point Cream

Courage Pulse Point Cream

Originally inspired by the Root Chakra and named Survive, now renamed as Courage, this blend's intriguing, smoky and earthy scent is comprised of pure essential oils of ho wood, Himalayan cedarwood, orange, petitgrain, vetivert, myrrh and patchouli.  Vetivert, known as the oil of tranquillity has traditionally been used to deepen relaxation and connect us to nature. Myrrh, Himalayan cedarwood and ho wood, all oils from trees, have been used for thousands of years to strengthen, dispel fear and still the mind.

Our lovely botanical pulse point cream base is kind to even very sensitive skin, with sweet almond oil, ginseng root, comfrey leaf, lavender and chamomile flower extracts and as gentle and earth friendly preservatives as can be found.