• Courage Kit
  • Courage Kit

Courage Kit

Following the popularity of our Courage blend recently, we are excited to offer our Courage Kit, a wonderful gift for a loved one, especially oneself!

The Courage Kit contains:

1 x 30ml Courage Bath and Shower Gel - resolve-stiffening and with a lovely lather in the shower or bath, this intriguing woodsy, smoky blend, with a citrus tang, contains essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli, vetivert, sweet orange, ho wood, petitgrain and myrrh, oils with properties traditionally used to arouse, stimulate, comfort and conjure feelings of increased inner strength, calm, self esteem and confidence... all this and a gorgeous scent, suitable for all temperaments, and a quality base of moisturising, skin-loving botanic ingredients.

1 x 30ml Hug Hand and Body Lotion - our Hug blend, a huge hit in lockdown, contains rose, geranium, lavender, rosemary, melissa, rosewood and sweet marjoram, a cunning combination of stimulants and relaxants, some of which have been believed for millennia to provide comfort and support at the hardest of times. Our base is a skin-loving botanic one, suitable for sensitive skins.

1 x 10ml Mojovator Pulse Point Cream - This blend, containing precious essential oils of grapefruit, ylang ylang, vetivert, geranium and sandalwood, is usually named Desire as it works beautifully for romance, but our original, amazing aromatherapist and designer of all our lovely blends, concocted these scents to inspire creativity as well as sensuality, which is why we have now launched a pulse point cream featuring the same scents "Mojovator"... the properties of these oils, stimulate on so many levels that the user may well find their imagination and energy active regarding all kinds of adventures and possibilities!

1 x 5ml Courage Space Spritz - our amazing Courage blend in a spritz! Myrrh, Himalayan cedarwood and ho wood, all oils from trees, have been used for thousands of years to strengthen, dispel fear and still the mind. Vetivert, known as the oil of tranquillity, has traditionally been used to deepen relaxation and connect us to nature. The Courage Space Spritz base is comprised of distilled water and 40% denatured alcohol to disperse the oils and keep it clean, so safe to spritz about freely.

1 x 5ml Sleep Well Pillow Spray - Effective yet gentle, our best-selling Sleep Well Pillow Spray contains a blend of pure essential oils of lavender, petitgrain, grapefruit, and rosewood; scoosh a little on your pillow, breathe deeply and let the soothing scent guide you to a perfect nights sleep. Diffused spray won't wet your pillow. Our products are always free from synthetic fragrance, SLS and parabens.

As our blends are made to order or in very small batches, we are always happy to hear from you regarding the possibility of customising your purchase or gift, or any other questions you may have.