• Hangover Kit

Hangover Kit

Had too much fun?  Our highly effective Hangover Kit with pure essential oils will help you revive, refresh and face the day after your fun-filled evening. Or afternoon... we don't judge. This kit also works well alongside a detox day, or for a boost anytime energy levels are flagging.

The kit contains:

Wake up Pulsepoint Cream - tingly peppermint works with lemon balm to cool and revive that hot, muddled mind, whilst also soothing headaches and nausea.  A dash of lavender works on the tension. Use it in the morning and throughout the day to refresh and revive. The moisturising base with sweet almond oil, aloe vera, chamomile flower extract, comfrey and extract of ginseng will make your skin happy too.

Energise Shower Gel - fresh and fragrant rosemary, juniper berry, lemon and bergamot refresh and cleanse; black pepper warms and soothes while stimulating circulation and boosting energy; geranium restores balance. So good you can add it to a warm bath and have a nice lie down and it will still work (provided you remember to breathe deep)! 

Restore Mouthwash - tea tree, clove, peppermint and geranium: essential oils with antibacterial properties that freshen the breath and help keep gums healthy.

Relax Pulsepoint Cream - Based on our bestselling Sleep Well Pillow Spray, our Relax Pulsepoint Cream contains pure essential oils of petitgrain, grapefruit and Indian rosewood in a pampering, gentle, moisturising base of sweet almond oil, aloe vera, ginseng extract, comfrey and extract of chamomile flower. Will help you calm and wind down, good for bad moments and helpful before sleep.

Sleep Well Pillow Spray (our bestseller with thousands of fans around the world) - petitgrain, lavender, rosewood and grapefruit conspire to ease you into a delicious, deep and contented sleep.