• Aromatherapy Hangover Kit

Aromatherapy Hangover Kit

Our specially designed, effective, pure aromatherapy Hangover Kit will help you to revive, refresh and face the day after a heavy night.  It is also great as a detox kit and for a boost when energy levels are flagging.

The kit contains;

Our Wakeup Pulsepoint Cream with Peppermint to work on headaches and nausea with Lemongrass to give you a zing. Use it in the morning to refresh and revive.

Our Energise shower gel with Rosemary and Juniper to cleanse and detoxify. Use in the morning to pep you up for the day.

Our Restore mouthwash to refresh the breath and the mind!

Our Relax Pulsepoint Cream to soothe the soul and relax the body after a long day.

Our best selling Sleepwell pillow spray to ease you into a deep, restful and sound sleep.