• NEW - Travel-size Ultimate Sleep Well Gift Set - Special Introductory Price £12.99

NEW - Travel-size Ultimate Sleep Well Gift Set - Special Introductory Price £12.99

NEW Travel-size Ultimate Sleep Well Gift Set:

1 x Positively intoxicating Relax Eye Mask in miniature: filled with a soothing, gorgeously scented combination of  pure essential oils of rose, ylang ylang, geranium and palmarosa, sprinkled over rose petals, organic marigold petals and organic, gentle oats. Place the super-soft mask over your eyes or forehead to help you relax, meditate, daydream or drift off to sleep.

1 x 30ml Sleep Well Pillow Spray - effective yet gentle, our proven Sleep Well Pillow Spray contains a synergistic blend of pure essential oils of lavender, petitgrain, grapefruit and rosewood (dalbergia sissoo and ho wood) in an ozone friendly spray.  Scoosh a little on your pillow, breathe deeply and let the calming and soothing aroma soothe you and lead you to the perfect nights sleep. 

1 x 30ml Bath Oil - a gorgeously scented, relaxing aromatherapy oil for use in the bath or shower.  Cleansing, but non-foaming, massage into the skin by hand or with a brush or cloth, or pour directly into a warm bath. Gentle and plant-based, with skin loving sweet almond oil, it contains our signature Sleep Well blend of pure essential oils, but replaces petitgrain with neroli oil, making for an exotic, sensual bath time treat.  Perfect used late evening; it will greatly enhance bedtime.

1 x 30ml Body Lotion - a gorgeously scented, relaxing and sensuous body lotion.  Luxurious but easily absorbed, our Sleep Well Body Lotion is luxurious yet gentle, botanic based and infused with an intoxicating version of our signature Sleep Well bath and body blend of pure essential oils... exchanging neroli oil for our Pillow Spray's petitgrain results in a more exotic and sensual experience, delightful at any time of day, and perfect applied late evening to enhance bedtime.

Beautifully and recycably packaged, SLS and Paraben free.