• Rich Hand and Body Creams 50gm

Rich Hand and Body Creams 50gm

Rich and nourishing base cream containing aloe vera juice organic, shea butter organic, jojoba oil organic, sweet almond and vitamin e, containing pure essential oils, including organics, to complement each of our eight blends. These creams are designed for hands, elbows, knees or heels and are SLS and Paraben free. Need help choosing your blend? Click on Choose your Blend for full details and descriptions - our key helps you select the right blend for you at this time - to ease anxiety, to de-stress, invigorate, to feel sensual, to comfort etc.... Our Survival blend to help ease fears is also great for dry skin as it contains essential oil of Myrrh. The Communication blend is harmonising and soothing to our emotions and also for our skin, containing Chamomile. Try our Love blend to feel comforted by the essential oils from herbs and flowers that it contains and to nourish your skin.

Body/massage oil, Bath and shower treatment gel and Organics pulsepoint cream also available in your chosen blend.